Vacation bucket lists: The top reasons to join a small group tour

Vacation bucket lists: The top reasons to join a small group tour

Going on vacations are not limited to the usual destination travel or out of the country trips. You have lots of options to consider and one of them is joining a small local group tour. Luckily for you, Ryjo Tours is one of the best local travel agencies that specialize in this field. 

It’s hard to plan a tour all on your own that is why our company does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is choose the right schedule and itinerary from the Ryjo Tours packages available. You can travel to different tourist spots all over North America on one road trip once you book a reservation with us. 

There are tons of reasons why you should consider going on a group tour for your next vacation that is why our team decided to compile it all in an easy to digest article below. Check out the top reasons why going on a group trip is something that you need to try at least once in your life!

Reasons to go on a group tour

Planning for a vacation can be stressful especially when you don’t know where to begin. Luckily for you, Ryjo Tours will do all the heavy lifting of planning your itinerary, looking for accommodations and finding the right transportation. All you have to do is choose a schedule that fits you and you’re good to go.

If you’re still hesitant to try this kind of vacation plan then here are some reasons that may convince you:

There are private tour guides to help you

It’s a must for all group tours to have a local tour guide to accompany them during this trip especially if all of the people involved are visiting the place for the first time. When you’re travelling alone, it’s hard to pinpoint where the journey should start because you have no idea about the place. The guides are the heart and soul of the tour because they know all there is to know about the destination. 

The company’s founders, Terry and Joyce, make it a point to hire tour guides to join the group on their road trip. Both of them also join the group because they know the destinations very well since they are both hands-on during the planning stage of each trip. The couple even acts as the tour guides on some of the Ryjo Tours trips because they are passionate about exploring North America and its wonders. 

You’ll meet new friends along the way

Group tours, especially the ones that are designed as road trips, often open the slot to the general public. This means that everyone gets a chance to join the group whether you know each other or not. Oftentimes group tours are a mixture of people from different walks of life which gives you a chance to meet and talk to strangers. 

This gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and connect to other people outside your bubble. You’ll be surprised that you can actually form bonds with strangers you never met before! 

Take solo travelling to the next level

If it’s your first time to travel alone, it’s a good idea to join a group tour to test out the waters. It can be intimidating at first to organize a trip all on your own and joining a group tour gives you the opportunity to explore without any worries. The packages that Ryjo Tours has to offer are already organized for the clients so you don’t have to plan everything out on your own. 

Even if you are travelling alone, it’s not a bad idea to meet other people that can help you along the way. A group tour can provide you with the opportunity to create bonds and connect with other people within the group. 

You get to travel to various places within a timeframe

Because packages by Ryjo Tours are designed for the perfect road trip, you’ll have plenty of chances to see lots of destinations in a limited amount of time. Even if you stay in one place only for a short while, you’d still have opportunities to explore and know more about the culture and people. 

It saves a lot of money

Many tourist destinations and hotel accommodations offer discounts on group bundles that is why joining a group tour can help you save money. Not to mention that all of this is already planned for you, all you have to do is prepare your luggage and show up. 

Travelling alone can take a toll on both your time and money so take advantage of the hassle-free process of booking group tours. You get to experience a quality vacation that is right under your budget. 

You don’t have to worry about expenses

At Ryjo Tours, you don’t have to worry about overspending your budget because you only have to pay for the tour package. All of the expenses will be monitored and arranged by our staff to ease that burden from our clients. Meals, transportation and accommodation is already part of the package so that’s three fewer things to worry about during your vacation. 

Although it’s still best to prepare enough pocket money for the things you want to buy along the way. There are a lot of beautiful souvenirs in local shops that are worth your money. Also, having extra cash on hand is vital just in case of emergencies where you need to spend. 

Safety is the number one priority

When you are travelling alone, there is no guarantee about your safety, especially on foreign lands. Joining a group tour solves this problem because the agency will take care of everything including your safety. At Ryjo Tours, the local tour guide and the hostess that will join you on the trip are trained to keep all of you safe. Just follow their lead and you’re good to go. 

Moreover, there is always safety in numbers so it’s best not to stray away from the group. Trust the people with you on your group trip because they got you covered when time gets rough. Although the same should also be expected from you because a group tour only works if you surrender your trust to everyone on board. 

Get to share stories and experiences with other people

It’s most likely to happen that you’ll be mixed with complete strangers on the group tour. Don’t worry about this because Ryjo Tours staff takes their time to vet potential clients that will join the group. This is now your chance to make new friends and tell amazing stories and experiences about yourself with a new set of people. 

You’ll be surprised at how these people will seem eager to know about your stories so give it a chance and travel with a group tour! Be sure to give the others a chance to tell their own experiences with the group so that they would also feel like they belong. 

Sharing your experiences with other people are also a great way to gain amazing new friends that can last a lifetime. At some point, you’ll cross paths again on another group tour with Ryjo Tours. 

Group tours tend to leave fewer carbon footprints

Because all of our clients share a single bus during one of the Ryjo Tours trips, it significantly decreases the carbon footprint emissions compared to when all of you take separate vacations all at once. Get to help the environment even in this small way by joining a group tour. 

There are lots to learn about the places and the people

Because group tours often are diverse, there are a lot of different perspectives from various people that you can learn from when travelling. It’ll enhance your own view about the destination and the key takeaways that you’ll get from the experience. 

Expand your horizon even further and talk to the locals of each destination to learn more about the place. Convince the others that are part of the group to do the same so that you’ll have something to talk about en route to the next destination. 

You’ll get to experience unique things

When you travel on your own, it’ll be harder to find hidden gems and quirky adventures because you have no idea about the place at all. The good thing about joining a group tour is you get to experience unique things because the tour guides and the hostess has done the trips hundreds of times already. This means that they already know what unique experiences to try and where to find them. 

You’ll always get your money’s worth when travelling with a group tour. Give it a chance and book your preferred tour schedule with us at Ryjo Tours!

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