Ryjo Tours vacation 101: How often should you plan trips in a year

Ryjo Tours vacation 101: How often should you plan trips in a year

At Ryjo Tours, we believe that the key to a wonderful vacation is to explore and discover more about the world. A vacation isn’t complete if you don’t get to relax and learn something new from your journey. With this in mind, our team dedicates this page to serve as your guide on deciding how often you should travel. Check out the advice from the Ryjo Tours staff below!

Vacation days from work are there for a purpose

It doesn’t matter when you want to use your vacation days but it’s imperative that you use them because it’s there for a purpose. The longer that you put off your days off, the more burnout you’ll feel. It would even intensify as time goes by if you don’t use your vacation leaves. 

For the Ryjo Tours team, it’s better that you plan one long vacation every year and spread out short trips on the weekends. You can strategize your vacation leaves by planning this ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to take a vacation because you deserve it!

How often should you travel?

At a minimum, you should at least travel once a year and it should be a long trip. But for Ryjo Tours, it should be more than that. As was mentioned before, you should plan short vacations on top of the major trip you’ll be taking each year. It’s even better if you manage to plan two long trips in a year because it’ll take your mind off the pressures of everyday life. 

Take advantage of your vacation days, weekends and holidays every year! You’ll be surprised at how many vacations you can insert in your yearly schedule if you put your mind to it. 

According to studies, your long vacations should at least be 8 days! If you’re courageous enough, you can extend it to 14 days to maximize your trip. Long vacations can help you manage stress and burnout that you may be feeling at work or in your personal life. 

Some people prefer taking shorter vacations over longer trips because they want to maximize the time off they are allowed at work. This is also okay because one of the good things about shorter vacations is that you can plan it many times in a year. If this is the case, then you always have something to look forward to and it’ll limit your burnout to a minimum. 

Vacations are worth it!

Planning your vacation solely depends on you. No one can tell you what you can and can’t do with the time off that you have from work. But always keep in mind that taking vacations are worth it because you get to relax and discover a lot of things at the same time. For a better vacation experience, book a trip with Ryjo Tours to explore the wonders of North America!

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