Ryjo Tours: Safety tips while on a tour

Ryjo Tours: Safety tips while on a tour

Even before there was a worldwide pandemic that has shaken everyone to their core and made global economies pause, taking a trip or traveling in general were not without risks. Now that a more imposing virus is out there that threatens people’s health and vaccines that are not 100% effective, everyone has to be more careful these days if they need to travel.

Most governments suggest that traveling or going anywhere should only occur if it’s absolutely necessary. Jetting off to one part of the country to another at a moment’s notice just because is no longer possible because it imposes risk to everyone and not just to the jetsetter.

Here are a few safety tips that you can follow while traveling at this time here in Ryjo Tours:

  • Plan accordingly

Creating a travel plan before was not always necessary. Most people had an idea where to go and what to do once they had finally decided on a destination but that is no longer possible these days. To properly protect yourself and lessen risks to others, it is better if you make a detailed plan on how you’re going to travel, the route you’re going to take, accommodations, and activities you can do.

After all, one careless mistake can be an opportunity to get affected which is something that you don’t want. Additionally, you need to take into consideration that you would need quarantine for 14 days after getting to your destination. 

  • Always disinfect to stay unaffected

Now this one might sound a bit paranoid but drastic and safety measures need to be taken in order to stay healthy. Make sure to always have alcohol with a minimum of 70% solution with you to spritz on your hands whenever you touch surfaces. Or if you don’t, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands. Keep in mind as well that you should avoid touching your face at all times.

  • Limit the activities

Going on vacation or going somewhere in general with an intent to unwind often means that there are quite a few things you want to do to destress. However during a pandemic, it is better if you limit your activities to one or two things. Additionally, it’s better if these things are purely located in one place so you do not risk yourself or your friends and family by unknowingly contracting the virus while you were having fun.

  • Masks on at all times

This is one thing that’s not only a precaution while traveling but it still needs to be said cause it helps fight off the virus. Wearing a mask at all times and social distancing help lessen the transmission of the virus. Make sure that if you’re talking to someone that your mask is on at all times, covering your mouth and your nose.

Additionally if you have to drink or eat anything, you can lower your mask but make sure to put it on soon as you are done.

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