Packing Essentials for the frequent traveller

Ryjo Tours: Packing Essentials for the frequent traveller

One of the cripes of travelling is packing your clothes and making sure everything fits in your backpack. Frequent travellers have been living off their backpacks more than from their closets. They’ve already found a way to make sure that everything fits in their backpack without having them be a mess inside. Here are a few essentials you might need when packing.

Packing cubes

If you need a way to organize the items in your bag, especially your clothes, then packing cubes will be your best friend. Packing cubes are usually square or rectangular shaped individual bags that you can put anything in. This is a great way to organize your clothes since you can put the same types of clothes in one cube. This way, you know which cube to get specific clothes from.

Toiletry bag

Aside from packing cubes, a toiletry bag is a great way to keep these things in one place. When you need to take a shower, you just need to pick up your bag and everything will be there. No need to dive into your bag to look for that missing shampoo bottle. Additionally, this is a great way to pull out your toiletries immediately for airport inspection.

Make sure that all your toiletries follow the regulated amount especially for liquids such as shampoo, mouthwash and toothpaste.

Tech bag

With the number of gadgets people bring day-to-day, it’s no wonder most of them bring a lot of cords or accessories they need for them. Since these items are easily lost inside the bag, it’s better to have a small bag where you can put them all inside. Put in your power bank, cords, power brick and memory cards or USB drives if needed to make sure everything’s there. 


Your feet need to breathe too from time to time so instead of wearing shoes, you can opt to bring sandals instead. Not only are they stylish, but it also gives you a footwear option aside from your shoes. What makes them better than flip-flops is that they stay on your feet no matter what because of the secure straps. You can put these in their own packing cube, or a different bag to keep any dirt away from your clothes.

Versatile clothes

One thing that keeps you from packing the real essentials is when you pack those that are not. This is especially true with clothes. First-time travellers always make the mistake of packing clothes that they’re not sure if they’ll wear. What you can do is check the weather and the place you’re staying to determine what kinds of clothes to bring.

However, the basic clothes, aside from underwear, that you should bring are cotton t-shirts, pyjama pants, one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans. You can add either shorts or jeans depending on the weather. You can also bring a cotton jacket if you know it will be cold, or a rain jacket based on the weather.

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